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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all the fans of the Cape Beanery! Make sure to stop by after the holidays and pick up one of your favorite brews to keep you warm on these cold winter days. As always we love our customers and hope each and everyone of you has a wonderful holiday.








As a special treat we are also recommending our favorite author MJ Fletcher‘s holiday themed short story, A Clockwork Christmas. Anyone who purchases a copy and shows our counter clerk will receive a free cup of coffee.

MJ Fletcher Clockwork Christmas

The Cape Beanery Chronicles

Be sure to get a copy of the Cape Beanery Chronicles, featuring our coffee shop! It contains five short stories each with a connection to the Beanery. It’s loads of fun be sure to grab a copy today!

Kindle | Nook | Kobo

Cape beanery Ebook

Spring is springing

I know crazy weather right? I mean winter was so mild it was crazy. But anyway life carries on at the Cape and we’re going to be inviting musicians to play on Friday nights. For our first performance we’ll be having the Rockdoras! We’ll be announcing other acts soon so stay tuned.

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The First Snow 10% OFF

As many long time Beanery fans know we offer 10% off for the first snow fall. So if the flurries start this weekend be sure to stop in for your favorite cup of coffee at a discount!

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